Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Book Name and More

January is almost over (hallelujah), and so much has happened since my last blog post! Auraseer has a new name, The Seer's Curse, and my series will now be called Riaznin Rising. I love these names because they're specific and evocative. If you haven't added The Seer's Curse to Goodreads, do it now!

I've been busy revising with my fantastic editor, Maria Barbo, at Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins, and I couldn't be in better hands. Having a book release in a year means a lot of work--and quickly--and I've never worked harder (a 3:00 a.m. bedtime has become the norm). But before I know it, all of this effort will transform itself into a shiny new book to share with all of you. I can't wait!

In other news, my Christmas decorations are still up, my house needs a good deep-cleaning, my husband's high school theatrical production opens in less than a week, and I may or may not have consumed one too many chocolates in the last month. But I did exercise for the first time in, oh, a decade this morning, so there is hope for me.

Here are a few pics of my recent happenings:

The one day I took off revising was to celebrate with my friend, Sara B. Larson, at her launch party for IGNITE. Here we are with Erin Summerill, making for a tasty Adams Literary client sandwich.

Signing my contract for the Riaznin Rising series. A momentous occasion!

Round one of editorial revisions completed!

Christmas trees are still pretty at the end of January...right?