Monday, March 11, 2013

Catching Up--In Pictures

We got a new camera for Christmas (a Bloggie, so I can start vlogging--stay tuned!), and I've finally figured out how to upload the photos to my computer (baby steps). So I thought it fitting that I catch the blogiverse up on the big writerly events I've attended in the past few months, along with some addititional bonus pics (yes, I'm including last Halloween because those pics were just too awesome). Thanks to my writer friends for snapping many of these photos. Just because I bring my camera to events, doesn't mean I always use it!

Halloween 2012. Getting attacked by my zombie husband!

Purdies + Halloween = zombie doll, zombie father and son, and a witch

With my friend Michelle Davidson Argyle at her launch party for BONDED in November 2012

Emily R. King's after-Christmas party. Back row L to R: Jennie Bennett, Morgan Shamy, Elana Johnson, Donna Weaver, Peggy Eddleman, Katie Dodge, me, Emily R. King. Front row L to R: Leigh Covington, Erin Summerill, David Powers King

New author pic taken by my friend, Erin Summerill, in December 2012. Still working to redesign my blog w/this.

January 2013: Book club night for BONDED (written by Michelle Davidson Argyle--pictured on the right) at my friend Ilima's house. Our friend, Emily Prusso, was so sad she couldn't make it, hence the paper cutout.

January 2013: Watching the FRINGE finale with my husband and brother and eating Red Vines (in honor of Walter)

January 2013: At a book launch for Brodi Ashton and Cynthia Hand. Hanging here with (back row L to R) Natalie Whipple, me (I hang with myself!), Sara B. Larson, Ilima Todd, Dialma Jensen, and Stacey Ann Ratliff

January 2013: With Brodi Ashton at her launch for EVERBOUND

January 2013: With Cynthia Hand at her launch for BOUNDLESS

February 2013: With Michelle Davidson Argyle and Kasie West at Kasie's launch for PIVOT POINT

February 2013 at Kasie's launch (L to R): Sara B. Larson, me, Michelle Davidson Argyle, and Kate Coursey

February 2013 at LTUE: me, Sara Raasch, Jenn Johannson, Kasie West, Shelly Brown, Sara B. Larson, Peggy Eddleman, and Renee Collins

February 2013: At LTUE with Sara B. Larson (celebrating new agent sisterhood together!)

Blurry, but worth it! Lunch at LTUE (clockwise): Marion Jensen, Chad Morris, Erin Summerill, Jessie Humphries, Tyler Whitesides, Sara B. Larson, Peggy Eddleman, me, Shelly Brown, Jacqui Scott, and Jennifer Eldredge Jenkins

With my CP and friend, Ilima Todd, at Michelle Davidson Argyle's library author visit


  1. As soon as you said "vlogging" I kind of freaked out, because that sounds sooo perfect for you. I can't wait to see some Purdie big screen action up here soon. If I were gorgeous like you, I might give it a try too. But alas, I'm afraid my video skills are right up there with my phone-talking skills...virtually non-existent, hehe.

  2. I LOVE the pics! You are an amazingly supportive friend!! Yes, Ilima, you are hot stuff. All of the ladies are...and men. :D

  3. I love the pictures! So adorable! :D

  4. Makes me yearn for living in Utah, seeing you at all these incredible events. Your author photo is incredible. I follow Erin's blog-I didn't realize you two were friends. Yay for zombies and book events. Can't wait for Storymakers!

  5. Too fun Katie! Aren't pictures fun? I'm bummed I didn't get to see you at LTUE. :( Of course, I only made it for one day of the conference, but still.
    Great pics! Keep 'em coming!

  6. LOVE these! Jason makes an awesome zombie, hehehe, and your family is adorable. :)

    You support me so much for all my authorly things. Love you for that! *hugs* And thanks for getting a picture with that poster at the library! I didn't even think about getting a pic of it.

  7. Ilima- I'm really excited about the vlogging. Can't wait to give it a try. Maybe I'll interview YOU on my first vlog. Wouldn't you love that? ;-)

    Tammy- Thank you! And thanks for appreciating all the sizzle here. Ha!

    Livia- Thanks, darlin'!

    Robin- Just wait, we're going to take tons of pics together during our sure-to-be epic fun at Storymakers!

    Leigh- I can't believe I missed you at LTUE. *curses the universe* Hopefully I'll see you at Storymakers, instead.

    Michelle- You're welcome! And it's my pleasure. You know how much I love you. <3

  8. Who is that gorgeous woman in all the pictures? YOU! :) Looks like lots of writerly fun!

  9. Wow! You really get around, Kathryn ... you know, in a good way! I'm way bad at picture taking, too. I bring one, but always forget to pull it out. Next time, nudge me. :)

  10. Angie- Thanks! :-)

    Emily- Haha. You're nice. Whenever I look at my author portrait I remember you taking yours with me and trying to keep your eyes open in the blinding light that winter white morning.

    David- LOL, I do get around! If you nudge me about my camera, I'll nudge you. ;-)

  11. OH. My Gosh. The best one is where I show up via Popsicle stick. I look amazingly thin in that photo! You have been busy with all your fun Utah author events. *sobs*

    I hope to meet all your writer friends at storymakers!

  12. Emily- We are going to PARTAY when you come out for Storymakers! Popsicle-stick you is cool, but the real you knocks her out of the water! :-)

  13. These are great pictures! I liked this post very much.

  14. I loved these pictures, so fun. Yay for baby-steps :)

  15. LOVE seeing pictures of my blogging buds. Can't wait till the vlogging starts :)

  16. OH HEY IT'S ME.

    I feel famous now that I've been on Katie Purdie's blog...

  17. Great pictures! It's always fun to see what bloggy peeps look like in "real life"! :D