Monday, March 12, 2012

Casting My Characters

What writer doesn't dream of seeing her book turned into a movie? As an actress, I have an even greater tendency to get lost in these imaginings. My crit group and I also have fun emailing each other with our future movie casts. I've even gotten to the point that when I watch TV or movies anymore, my mind drifts and I wonder if that actor or actress would fit in my film (like even when I'm watching American Idol...see below). I think about directors too. My current favorite pick: Terrence Malick (Tree of Life, New World). I love him!

Here's my dream cast:

I've thought about Lily Collins, but my new favorite choice is Alexis Raich. I saw her on an episode of Fringe. She's a great actress and has that otherworldy beauty that fits the part.

Alex Pettyfer fits the bill. He's also got the same fabulous deep voice that my Lancelot has.

Anton Yelchin is an amazing actor and has a great look for the part, though he'd have to go blond. But then I saw Phillip Phillips from American Idol. He looks perfect! C'mon, Phillip, can you learn how to act and drop your southern accent? Pleeeeeease?

The coveted role of Queen of the Rowaness goes to Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey. Congratulations, Michelle! Future Academy Award coming your way.

Jim Caviezel would be fabulous in this role, but I must give it to Rufus Sewell, one of the best actors and one of the most underrated. (Did you see him in Zen? Reserve it on your Netflix now!) Rufus, I have complete faith you can pull off the part! This is also the role my husband (a brilliant actor) wants to play. Honey, I'll be sure to put in a good word for you. :-)

The Watcher
This tricky and subtle role goes to one of the most brilliant actresses, Abbie Cornish. She is in my FAVORITE movie, Bright Star.

Galahad and Gawain, I haven't forgotten about you...I just haven't figured you out yet. I can't just offer your roles to anybody! Everyone else in my cast, be prepared to wear colored contacts or dye your hair. Such is the actor's life. Oh, and Rachel Portman, heads up, you'll be composing the score. After the soundtracks for Emma, The Cider House Rules, and The Duchess, you can do no wrong in my book.

All right! Now I've just got to line up a producer, book the Isle of Wight for location filming, and write the screenplay. What was that? Get an agent? Publish my book first? *sighs* Way to shoot down my fantasy.


  1. Yes. Yes. Omigosh yes. They all fit the bill for your characters. Every. Single. One. Please invite me to the Premiere. Front row, please.

  2. I love Rufus Sewell! And I agree, he needs lots more attention than he gets. My favorite movies with him are Uncorked and Cold Comfort Farm. Have you seen either of them?

    1. My husband and I watched Cold Comfort Farm last night (it's been a few years). Rufus Sewell stole the show. Every time he was onscreen I giggled.

  3. I, too, would like to be at the premiere. I haven't exactly ever done this. I feel a little out of touch with the acting world. Maybe you guys could help me with a cast this weekend.

  4. Love these actors, especially Alex and Anton. Anton was awesome as Ensign Chekov. And what's not to love about Alex? Ah, to be 40 years younger. lol

  5. Emily, I was thinking the same thing.
    Katie, if you cast Alex Pettyfer I just might have to fall for Lancelot. And holy cow-Michelle Dockery is perfect for Nimue. You, my friend, are brilliant. And all this early planning will just help the producers get this movie made even faster.

  6. Wow! I would totally see that movie! I love that you even pick your characters from American Idol. I do the same thing! I'm actually on the prowl with my new MS for some country kids and Phillip and Skylar have been in my head since I saw them:)

    I can't wait to meet you in Elana's group! It's gonna be fun:)

    1. We'll have to storm the American Idol cast know, for literary purposes. :-)

  7. Lancelot is yummyyyy :). I haven't ever thought about this, but now I'm about to go google actors for my book. You know, just to waste time :)